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Evidence Destroyer

Using Evidence Destroyer

  • When you delete a file in your PC, it removes only the reference and not the complete data. If people are using some special recover software your evidence document, sensitive data or internet files can be restored or they can be retrace exactly which files were on your computer.

  • In order to prevent this happen Vinasoft Evidence Destroyer overwrites, wipe the deleted files over and over many times and shred it using the level of destroy power. Your deleted files can not be traced or restored.

To destroy file(s)

  • You need to add file(s) to the list so can destroy them one by one using the destroy power level you decide.

Add file

  • Click the Add file button when you want to add single file to delete. The Select file to destroy dialog window open you just select the file you wish to delete and click OK. The file you selected will be appeared on the Files to destroy list. You can repeat the step above if you need to add more file.

  • Once you have decided no more file to add click the DESTROY NOW button to star shred the file. When the file have been completely destroyed it will be disapeared from the Files to destroy list.

Remove file

  • Select the file you don't want to delete in the Files to destroy list and click Remove file button will remove that file from the list.

Add folder

  • When the Add folder button click the Browse folder to add... dialog open. Go to the folder you want to destroy by double click to that folder. File(s) in that folder will be put in the list for deletion. click the DESTROY NOW button to star shred the file(s) fro that folder.

Remove folder

  • Remove folder button once click will clear the whole list.


  • If you have changed your mind which you don't want to delete file any more you can click the CANCEL button to stop the deletion while it in progressing action.

Destroy power slider

  • This slider provides you with the level of power how your evidence document, sensitive data or internet file will be guaranteed destroy and no traceable. The higher the level the file will be shredded more and more.


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